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Decrypt Dragon Force Ransomware

Professionally and securely decrypt Dragon Force Ransomware

Your company was attacked by hackers and all or almost all data has been encrypted with Dragon Force ransomware? Then you need a reliable data recovery company like Digital Recovery that can decipher Dragon Force. Many professional data recovery labs have to pass when it comes to Dragon Force. This used to be the case for Digital Recovery too, but our IT departement has worked out proprietary technologies to successfully save data even in the most complex cases of encryption by Dragon Force.

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Our evaluation – your first step for your Dragon Force Ransomware decryption

Before we can process your Dragon Force ransomware case, we first evaluate the cyber-attack you have suffered. In most cases, you won’t even have to come to our lab to do this. We can perform the evaluation via remote access or analyze a sample file you send us via email. We will then discuss individual solutions, costs and duration of the data recovery.

If a data recovery should not be possible, there will be no costs for you. So you do not take any risk. We always work in advance, because we are sure that we can convince you with our service and extensive expertise. Your data will be handled confidentially and will be in safe hands at our company.

After the diagnose our expert team starts the process of retrieving the stolen data using the newest technologies. In doing so, we adhere to strict our strict security protocols to protect the confidentiality of your data at all times.

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Why Digital Recovery is the perfect choice for your Dragon Force data recovery needs

  • Our experience from handling thousands of ransomware incidents is what they draw on.
  • We take pride in our high success rate in recovering ransomware data.
  • We offer an express analysis for particularly urgent cases.
  • You will receive a non-binding offer from us.
  • Our service is fast and results-oriented.
  • We perform all work exclusively in Germany or on-site at your location.
  • We use proprietary decryption software that we developed ourselves and have extensive knowledge about ransomware.
  • Data protection is extremely important to us. Our work complies with the DSGVO regulations and we offer the option to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).
  • We have over 20 years of experience in data recovery.
  • Hundreds of satisfied customers, national and international, trust us – including SMEs, corporations, municipalities, government agencies, medical practices and law firms.

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Usual signs of a cyber attack with ransomware

  • A so-called Ransome Note is left behind (A text with the ransom demand. Mostly in Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency).
  • All or a large number of files have an additional file extension.
  • Many files cannot be opened any more even if you change the ending by hand.
  • Some RAID systems, NAS, LUNs or other network storage are simply not recognized.
  • The system will no longer start, and the Ransomware extortionist message will show up instead.

On-site or online Dragon Force Ransomware decryption

Using technologies particularly designed for Dragon Force ransomware attacks, Digital Recovery has great chances of recovering your data encrypted by criminals. We can also handle particularly sensitive cases on-site at your location. We offer on-site service throughout Germany and Europe. To do so, call us to schedule an appointment with a technician. Trust our experts for Dragon Force ransomware data recovery.

Security and Data Protection according to the GDPR

Digital Recovery is committed to the highest standards of privacy and confidentiality. As such, several of our employees have been signed up by the ITZ-Bund to be able to handle even federal contracts. If desired, we will be happy to send you our NDA (non-disclosure agreement) or sign the NDA you provide.

What you need to know

Dragon Force Ransomware is an encryption virus that encrypts the data of a storage system via a vulnerability in IT. The criminals who carried out the cyber attack subsequently offer to restore it in exchange for a ransom payment. The criminals kidnap your data, so to speak, and then extort you in order to release the it.

Yes, in most cases of encryption with Dragon Force we have developed a solution to decrypt and recover the data. Talk to a technician to evaluate your specific case: +49 30 994045736

Unfortunately, with criminals you cannot count on guarantees. Any ransom payment to the hackers carries the risk of losing not only the data, but also the ransom. Digital Recovery offers Dragon Force decryption without that  risk.

Immediately disconnect all systems and storage from the network and disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on all computers to stop the spread of the Dragon Force. Talk to an expert in the field of ransomware immediately. Call us for a free consultation.

Durch exklusive Technologien kann Digital Recovery verschlüsselte Daten auf jedem Speichergerät wiederherstellen und weltweit Remote-Lösungen anbieten.

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